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Breaking and Schooling
Breaking and Schooling
Breaking and Schooling

We have a complete and comprehensive service for the thorough dedication and training of foals from 6 months to 4 years. Our professional and specialized staff focuses on that the foals and their first contact with the rider and training sessions are natural and stressless, contributing to the development of a good character and behaviour in young horses. Once the phase of natural horsemanship, they pass to competition horses, where he prepares to compete in young horse competitions.

During the phase of natural horsemanship all aspects that can be stressful during their learning steps is taught in a natural way through classical methods and games addressed with no stress towards an ethology where there always must be permanent respect for their rider or coach and motivation and interest to learn.

The horses that pass through this phase of training, learn to get on and off the truck or trailer, to tolerate the first time they are saddled as well as holding the rider, to accept the rider's hand without stress or pain, to spend their first bars on the floor or obstacle, to cross the water, hiking with an excellent attitude, etc ...

Amongst other services we help to solve behaviour problems of adult horses: Horses that defend themselves, stand on their two legs, who do not want to cross the water, they do not want to enter the arena, which have a lot of stress, some that the owner cannot ride, avoids the obstacles, which behaves dangerously in excursions, trekking or training, etc ...

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