Livery Club Hípico La Gubia



We offer 3 types of boarding:

BASIC LIVERY:, which includes the rental of a basic stable, cleaning of straw twice a day, put on and take off horse blankets if necessary, paddock service minimum 4 hours a day, meals with maintenance feed twice a day, feeding twice a day and the use of facilities (showers, locker rooms, social club, etc ...).

VIP LIVERY: In addition to the advantages of the basic livery, your pony or horse will stay in the VIP blocks of superior quality and larger size (3.5 m x 3.5 m). You can also enjoyof other services (some mandatory and optional), Walker, gym service, Horse Gym, personalized training for horse or rider, meadow with grass, etc ....

PREMIUM LIVERY: It is for those who want a full-service horse Livery it consists of Vip full groom + personalized training of the horse + a pack of personalized training for the rider + Horse and Rider sports management (competitions, clippings, vaccines, deworming , purchase and sale, change of nationality, shipping papers, etc ...)

Our Club has first-class facilities:

· Italian design stables with automatic waterer
· "DAMMANN" all weather silica sand 90 m x 65 m (5850 m2) arena, which allows us to train 365 days a year without puddles or dust.
· 26m diameter round arena for special school, vaulting classes and lunging.
· 50,000 m2 of land dedicated to pasture, for the horses to enjoy several hours a day free.
· Barns for forage, shaving and feed in order to keep food in the best conditions.
· Complete set of jumps "CARO" that include water and wall
· SOCIAL CLUB AREA with windows facing to the track, where club members can meet to see riders while enjoying some refreshments.