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Vaulting School
Vaulting School
Vaulting School
Vaulting School

For those who want to combine gymnastics with the equestrian team sport. We have the best vaulters in Spain, recently champions of Spain and selected to join the Spanish team in the upcoming European Championships. We have groups at all levels, including initiation/beginners and adults.

Vaulting is one of the last disciplines incorporated into the International Equestrian Federation. Vaulters take on a high degree of confidence and balance on the horse. This is gymnastics on the horse while there is a winger controlling the horse.

This discipline is a good introduction to riding, we decided to add it to our Club, so riders starting to ride can develop trust with the horse and work balance and position before learning to handle the horse. Very suitable for children, who will practice: exercises in walk, trot and gallop, also learning to follow the horse's movement, gain balance and confidence.


1 x week - 55€

2 x week - 110€

Memberchip class - 20€

No Memberchip - 25€